How Bace API works

With the BACE APIs, you can easily check if an ID is valid, then also verify valid identities with state of the art facial recognition.

Data extraction

ID submission

The user is asked to upload a picture of their ID and submit it or to take a picture of it with the camera of the device currenlty in use.

Face extraction & matching

Take a selfie

The user has to take a picture of their face and submit it. They have to respect certain conditions such as light and brightness level.

Extra security level

Liveness Test

The user completes multiple video tests to ensure they are actually the human being who is interacting with our platform.

Use Cases

With the BACE APIs, you can easily check if an ID is valid, then also verify valid identities with state of the art facial recognition.

  • Onboarding
  • ID verification
  • ID validation
  • ID search
  • Fraud detection
  • Data extraction

Use Cases


We provide Identity Verification as a Service to various industries and we provide a seamless way to navigate any trusted identity issues.

Financial Services

Using BACE, financial institutions can fully automate KYC onboarding. Customers can have access to all financial services from anywhere at any time. Customers can make purchases and withdrawals without carrying cards. We help financial institutions to reduce fraud and increase compliance, trust, secure privacy, and improve the user experience.


BACE can be used in air and land transport companies. BACE helps automate fast and transparent check-in at airports and borders. BACE also helps transport companies to ensure that drivers are what they claim to be, we simplify and secure the boarding of drivers and check the validity of the driving license to protect the safety of passengers.


We help universities and E-learning platforms create digital identities for students and manage access to online course materials. A good way to better monitor course attendance, guarantee registration for exams and detect cheaters, etc


Hospitals can better manage patient records using their digital platforms securely. BACE helps to monitor, track, and provide remote access to patient medical histories accessible by doctors in any situation. Hospitals can also use the BACE API to perform access control in high-risk areas for serious illnesses.


BACE allows telecommunications companies to perform online customer integration operations while validating their identity and ownership on an existing account. BACE can be used for different services such as exchanges or purchases of SIM cards, products activation, opening a mobile money account, and much more.

Public Sector

BACE helps government organizations manage citizens' identities and documents. They can now proceed to electronic voting without significant resources and infrastructure costs, secure and automate internal processes, and reduce the queues.


By using BACE, event planners can create an incredible experience for their attendees. Participants can register online using their photos and be verified at the entrance to the event using BACE API for face matching. BACE also offers a transparent way to provide personalized activities before, during, and after the event.


We collaborate and work in partnership with existing security companies. Integrated with video surveillance, Bace helps you identify intruders and control access to offices, residences, parking lots, offices, and other premises.

Product on-demand

We understand how challenging it is for companies to digitize their services and apply innovative technologies such as AI. At BACE GROUP, we are a team of business-oriented problem solvers. We use our exceptional technical competence and our experience in the African market to identify, analyze, and solve problems with AI-based solutions. Using product on-demand, we lead a strategic process that helps organizations identify and design a roadmap that leverages AI products to generate a significant impact on their business.

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