AI Training

We help you to train your team through a trust learning ecosystem, to understand the application of artificial intelligence and have a better understanding of the AI markets. We are partnering with the best AI schools and training programs to make sure you get the best learning experience based on your industry and goals. The training modules are:

  1. AI business applications / AI use cases
  2. AI ethics/ Responsible AI
  3. AI solving problems methodology

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AI Products / AI Solutions

We are a team of data scientists, data analysts, machine learning developers, software engineers, AI products strategists that work together to build customized solutions on demand. We design, develop and deploy machine algorithms made specifically for you. We're inspired by the capability of ML and AI to transform any business, and we're happy to be involved.

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AI Research

We are building a local team of scientists and researchers that focus on the African market. We collaborate with businesses and help them to conduct their research in different industries. Our main focus is to collaborate with local communities , collect data and classify them to make it easy for developers, businesses, and students to have access to the right data and make better decisions while training their models. We believe that with collective effort and support we will be able to assist the next generation of innovators.

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